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Restu College Lobby
Restu College Lobby

Restu International College is a private institution of higher learning that is registered under the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE). It is the first learning institution in Malaysia to offer programmes of study in the field of Islamic Arts using the latest technology and software applications.

Equipped with a conducive and peaceful atmosphere, Restu International College dedicates its mission to focus on providing educational excellence in a holistic and nurturing environment. The aspiration to develop the college as an Islamic Arts institution emerged after the implementation of the al-Qur’an Mushaf Malaysia project by Restu Foundation.

Through this project, variety of skills and knowledge related to Islamic Arts, especially Mushaf Arts, Islamic calligraphy and illumination was discovered and developed. This knowledge was then compiled and refined to form a specific and unique art disciplines.



“To become a higher education institution and isiamic centre which is famous for its islamic values, culture and art”


  • To develop Islamic knowledge based study programmes in various specializations  that combine heritage and tradition with the use of technology and contemporary approaches
  • To be the main reference centre in the field of Islamic knowledge and art at the national,regional and international levels.
  • To form a balanced generation of Muslims in terms of intellectual, skills and psyche and also able to face the challenges of current reality.


  1. Assalamualaikum & Selamat Pagi.

    Saya Izzat telah menyewa/menetap di Pulau Indah kerana mengikuti Isteri bekerja di sekitar kawasan ini. Sehubungan itu, saya ingin memohon kerja sekiranya terdapat jawatan kosong di Kolej Restu & di sini saya lampirkan bersama maklumat mengenai saya sebagai rujukan pihak yqng berkenaan.

    Terima Kasih.

    1. waalaikumslam..

      terima kasih kerna berminat..
      pihak kami akan mehubungi tuan sekiranya tuan layak dipanggil temuduga ye

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