College Facilities

Restu College Facilities

Facilities at Restu College is complete with Auditorium, Lecture Rooms, Computer Lab, Gym for Studens, Canteen, Surau , Weekend Retreat Training Center and many  more…


Our spacious and comfortable auditorium can accommodate up to a maximum of 400 people at any time. This auditorium is equipped with audio visual equipment and PA system and is often the focal point for events such as course lecturers, seminars, study tours, religious lecturers and talks.













Library & Computer Lab

Comfortable library provides a conducive area for quiet study, research and work. Computer lab is available with free access to the internet for working on coursework and assignments. The lab is equipped with the latest multimedia hardware and software systems.

Computer lab










Gymnasium  With A Conducive Environment For Studying

College_Facilities (650 x 310)










Our Kuang Retreat and Training Centre Where Weekend Seminars and Motivation Courses Are Held.

Kuang Resort and Training Centre

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