Diploma in Mushaf Art and Calligraphy Restu International College

Featured Course: Diploma In Mushaf Arts & Calligraphy

Restu International College Of Arabic Calligraphy, Social Science And Business, offers Diploma courses in Mushaf Arts & Islamic (Arabic) Calligraphy, Islamic Banking, Islamic Early Childhood Education, Business and in Foundation. The college is registered with the Ministry Of Higher Education Malaysia and the Ministry Of Home Affairs to enrol both local and international students into its programmes.

Diploma In Mushaf Arts
Diploma In Mushaf Arts

Restu International College prides itself in being is one of the first education institution in Malaysia to offer courses of study in the subject of Islamic arts and calligraphy using the latest technology and software applications.

The institution is located in the Selangor Islamic Arts Garden Complex in Section 10, Shah Alam Selangor, Malaysia. Well equipped and within serene and peaceful atmosphere, Restu College commits its mission to the development of Islamic arts, calligraphy and other study programmes.

In line with Islam as a complete and comprehensive way of life, Restu College offers courses which aim to steer the student towards achieving perfection in the life in this world as well as in the Hereafter. Our emphasis on excellence and the latest technologies is at the heart of the teaching and learning process in this college. Restu Foundation’s branding as a centre for the propagation of Islamic arts, is well-known in the region, and this will ensure continued availability of suitable career and lifestyle choices.

Restu Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which proposes to enhance the practice of Islam through Islamic Arts. As one of the leading centres of Islamic arts in Southeast Asia,  Restu Foundation is involved in calligraphic reproduction and publication of various Al-Quran mushafs, as well as acting as a centre for the development of various branches of Islamic arts.
The desire to develop the college as an Islamic arts institution materialized after the implementation of the Al-Quran Mushaf Malaysia project by Restu Foundation. Through this project, variety of skills and knowledge related to Islamic arts, especially Mushaf Art, Islamic calligraphy, Arabic calligraphy and Quranic Illumination was discovered and developed. The knowledge was then compiled and refined to form a specific and unique art discipline.

Admission to the college is open to all local and international students with the necessary entrance qualifications. The various Arabic calligraphic styles taught at Restu College includes amongst others  include Nasakh, Riqah Kufi, Thuluth and Diwani. To know more about the Diploma in Mushaf Arts offered by Restu College … Click Here


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